NightMoves Houston Clubs



Are you a strip club virgin? Or perhaps you have gone a few times and just not enjoyed yourself as much as you should. For those who need to pop that pole dancing cherry, what the hell are you waiting for? For those who didn’t enjoy themselves that much,it might be because you didn’t prepare properly to ensure maximum enjoyment of the situation or hadn’t gone to the right one to suit your fantasy.

It’s not what you think: Forget the time you found yourself in a club past midnight, with a foldout metal chair for seating and a stage with just a pole, bottle of Windex and a dancer who’d seen better days. It’s a new day, and that means one thing: Strip clubs are out, gentlemen’s clubs in.

Think 5-star dining, plush leather seats, clubs in great parts of town … oh, and dazzling entertainers, with equally dazzling entertainment options. Imagine them slipping into a shower with a hot new friend. Enjoying an intimate dance in a spaceship strait from the stars. Or watching a Cirque du Soleil-caliber performance … minus, you know, the clothes.

Whether you’re looking for a great spot for a bachelor party, high school reunion with the guys, high-powered business meeting or a special night on the town with your significant other, you’ve got options. Get ready to live out the fantasy at Houston’s sexiest  featured gentlemen’s clubs.